Kim Stevenson, Owner

“We see their success as ours and want to share in their happiness”

After attending the NAEYCE Convention on early childhood education in 2008, the Puzzle’s Philosophy emerged and created a unique learning system that facilitates increased physical activity and play to develop the whole child including teaching important “soft skills.” They began to construct and introduce the Explorative Play Learning System with their own center. This out of the box teaching focuses on the child as a whole and helps them to develop academically and emotionally. Socially choosing appropriate choices, decision making, and self-control. All crucial life skills they will pull from in the future endeavors moving forward.

Kim Stevenson, Owner

Our Purpose

Our purpose at Puzzles is to provide a safe and healthy environment which sees every child’s potential. In doing so we recognize our responsibility to teach and promote social and emotional skills as well as academic with an emphasis on appropriate decision making, self-control which are crucial life skills they will pull from in future endeavors.

Why Choose Puzzle’s Academy?

Puzzles Academy play based learning

A Play-based
Learning Approach

Puzzle’s Academy offers an innovative curriculum grounded in the latest research and recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Our approach is also influenced by the work of renowned theorists such as Jean Piaget.

We recognize the importance of physical activity in fostering the development of motor skills, social-emotional growth, and cognitive abilities. Research shows that physical exercise is linked to enhanced memory, attention, and brain development.

Children Playing at Puzzles Academy
high quality childcare

Accessibility and Affordability

At Puzzle’s Academy, our mission is to provide high-quality childcare that rivals elite preschools while remaining affordable for working-class families. We welcome families with diverse backgrounds, including those who receive foster care and state childcare subsidies.

“ Puzzles Academy program was developed by OUR Family for YOUR family”