Programs & Curriculum

Infant 6Weeks-12Months (ratio 1-5):

Babies are the buds of life ready to bloom like a fresh flower to refresh humanity.”
– Debasish Mridha

The children in our infant program benefit from an experienced, caring and nurturing staff, individual schedules, and a small group size. According to developmentally appropriate practices, we respect and follow each child’s individual daily schedule for eating, sleeping, diaper changes, active play, exploration, singing, and social activities. Parent teacher communication is vital during this age. We look forward to partnering in your child’s developmental milestones in your child’s first year of life.

Toddlers 12-24 Months (ratio 1-6)

“A toddler is like a philosopher in training, questioning everything and exploring the mysteries of existence.”

This age is celebrated with a nurturing “on the go” group of teachers. Whether it be circle time with a song, lunch time manipulating their utensils, or play time on our state art play areas they are in motion. This group learns through exploration so they will get one playground inside and outside buggy rides around campus. This group definitely appreciates and needs their naptime.

Two’s 24-36 Months (ratio 1-10)

“It’s Potty Time!”

This developmental phase is full of energy! Exploration is key as their curiosity and perception of the world is evolving. Puzzles provides a very stimulating environment with a state of the art playground and immersive learning experience. “It’s potty time.” Let us help you, help them. Potty prep classes to ensure a segue to success at this most important developmental milestone.

“Potty training is a process not a one-time event”

Pre-K 3-5 years (3-year-old ratio 1-12) (4-year-old ratio 1-14)

“Children are not things to be molded, but people to be unfolded”- Jess Lair

Our bright large classrooms create an atmosphere for learning where preschoolers engage in age –appropriate activities related to a weekly theme and proven curriculum developed by Puzzles and our Kentucky certified teachers. The classroom offers learning centers for math, science, dramatic play, creative art and a library that are filled each week with preset theme related materials to engage children at each stage of their development.
In addition to the learning environment in the classroom, Puzzle’s Academy also provides opportunities for children to see the world around us by scheduling visitors from community helpers throughout the year, as well as taking field trips to local farms, museums, theatrical performance and the zoo.

Child Playing at Puzzles Academy

Play-based Learning Model

“Let them play” –Vivian Gussin Paley

The Soft Zone: (ages 6 – 12 months)

The Soft Zone: (ages 6 – 12 months) is designed with our youngest learners in mind! The entire play area is constructed of soft equipment to maintain the safety of the children as they develop their gross motor skills. In addition to developing their strength and balance, they have the opportunity to interact with peers as their senses are engaged in a new environment!

The Toddler Zone and Tot-Town: (ages 13 – 24 months)

The Toddler Zone and Tot-Town: (ages 13 – 24 months) are two areas specifically designed for younger students. Climbing structures, slides, and steps provide opportunities to develop new gross motor skills. Interactive wall panels encourage fine motor and cognitive skills as they explore the area independently or with a peer. Pretend play sparks the imaginations while promoting self-help and social-emotional skills. Students learn to communicate with others, practice taking turns, and share with peers, all while having fun as their minds and bodies are engaged in play!

The Drive-In and Adventure Playground (ages 2-5)

The Drive-In and Adventure Playground (ages 2-5) are multi-sensory areas for older toddlers and preschool-aged children. The set-up of these areas is designed to provide a variety of activities for the interests of many children. Inflatable bounce houses with slides provide opportunities for physical activity and imagination that are so important for young children! The indoor tricycle track promotes higher level gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and independence. Exciting STEM activities are also available to engage the mind in challenging new ways! The air launcher and scarf shooter encourage critical thinking, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving. Students also have the opportunity to express themselves creatively with our giant light-bright or on our interactive dance floor!

Puzzles Academy Playgrounds

3 Outdoor Playgrounds (ages 13m- 5Y)

3 Outdoor Playgrounds (ages 13m- 5Y) that create opportunities for students to play in groups, imagination, peer interaction, problem-solving, practice physical fitness, and develop independence. Students are able to get a breath of fresh air, discuss weather, see nature and stimulate the brain.